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CassieSullivan02Right now, in this space, I am a writer and a photographer. But I have been many things up till here and I plan on being many more.
I grew up in small country towns across Tasmania, Australia. I spent mornings hugging chooks on the back steps and keeping close to my Mum. I devoured books and grew my very own unlimited imagination. I now seek out all things wild and raw, they smell of home to me.
School began for me with falling asleep on the bus ride home and dragging my bag up the long dirt road to our house. I disliked it from the beginning. I went on to spend most of my time there hiding in my head and I never found my feet.
I left the confines of school and set out on my own adventures. Along the way I fell in love with photography and worked my way back to the words I sheltered in when I was growing up. I have fallen in and out of loves so vastly different there should be more words to describe them than just one.
I am gypsy by nature, never wanting to settle but always searching for home.
I have always, am now, and will forever follow my heart. It’s my compass. I feel as though honesty is my purpose here, in a world that is so curated, in a world where everyone is trying to be everything. The one thing I have to offer is me, my voice, my story.

Cassie Sullivan x



Camp Common Folk | Australia | 2015

A Bit More Soul | New Zealand | 2015




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